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The Alexander design is a Classic gents wedding ring with an Ergonomic Comfort fit. As with most of our designs, we can manufacture this ring in various metal and various widths. This band comes with a Limited lifetime warranty and promises to be a Comfortable, Strong and Durable ring that will become a family Heirloom. 

We can manufacture this ring from 2mm wide up to 10mm with a minimum thickness of 1.80mm to ensure durability and strength.


Price of this ring:

There are many variables that determine the price of a ring. To calculate a price, we need some information from you.


For a Quote simply click on the ''Enquiry'' button and

  • Fill in your details

  • Tell us your budget - if you have one

  • Tell us what you would like for the design (metal preference and finger size)

  • Tell us how wide you want the ring to be

Hit Send, and we will get back to you with and estimate and a design or any questions we might have. It’s that simple!

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