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- Tungsten Rings

Tungsten-Carbide, also known as Wolframite, is the newest and most popular metal for men's wedding rings nowadays. The heavy weight and luxurious finish of a Tungsten Carbide ring speaks of dedication, power and an eternal bond. This metal will always retain its beautiful, scratch-resistant finish, making it the perfect choice for your loved ones' wedding ring.

- Cleaning Dirty or Tarnished Rings

If your ring has been covered in dirt and grime, or has tarnished and discoloured in any way, please feel free to send it back to us and we will clean it for you, free of charge. All we ask is for you to pay a once off courier return fee of R100.

- Are Tungsten Rings Made Using Cobalt?

No. Only the highest quality nickel is used as a binding agent in all of our Gent's rings and wedding bands. Carbide jewellery is 100% cobalt-free.

- Why Go For A Cobalt-Free Ring?

Low quality Tungsten rings use cobalt as an alternative binder. However, using this binder makes the ring susceptible to corrosion, cracking, marring or scratching. Tungsten bands that include cobalt may also possibly cause skin rashes or itchiness. Therefore we suggest NEVER purchasing a Tungsten ring that contains cobalt.

- In Emergency Situations, Can I Remove My Tungsten Ring?

Assuming your ring has grown tight on your finger and cannot be removed normally, don't worry! You can still remove it, by following these steps:

Using vice grip-pliers, clamp the ring and squeeze hard. Remove the pliers, then turn the ring by 1 quarter. Tighten the pliers on the ring again and push down hard once more. Continue this until a crack is heard. At that point the material should begin to break away quite easily. Since each Tungsten ring is milled from a single piece and thus cannot be resized, each ring must be ordered to the correct finger size. For assistance with this, please see our helpful sizing guide.

- Is It Possible For A Tungsten Ring To Be Re-Sized?

Tungsten Carbide rings have a ‘Comfort Fit’ design, which allows for half a size up or half a size down. The rings cannot be resized however. If after the first week of wearing the ring and you find it is too tight or too loose, (and the ring is still in its original condition), we will exchange it for you to a more comfortable size. To avoid unnecessary exchanges, please see our our helpful sizing guide to ensure you order the correct one.

- Is Tungsten Comfortable To Wear?

We have absolutely no doubt you will find your Tungsten Carbide wedding band THE most comfortable piece of jewellery you own, due to its comfort-fit band on the inside of the ring. These rings have been designed specifically with comfort as the main priority.

- Is There a Large Difference Between A Tungsten Ring And A Tungsten-Carbide Ring?

Yes, there is a big difference between pure Tungsten and Tungsten-Carbide. Pure Tungsten rings are very soft and can be scratched or bent, and may damage easily, whereas Tungsten-Carbide is one of the most durable metals in existence. It is naturally scratch-resistant and will NOT bend or tarnish, which is why ALL the rings we manufacture include Tungsten-Carbide.

- How Is Such A Tungsten-Carbide Ring Made?

They are made by combining Tungsten powder together with carbon & nickel, and allowing the powders to be placed in a high-pressure dye in order to form a "blank", which is then fired at 3600 degrees Fahrenheit. This method binds the nickel and the carbon with the Tungsten. Then, once the Tungsten-Carbide rings have cooled, they can be cut, shaped & polished. Because Tungsten-Carbide is almost as hard as diamond, the polishing/shaping process is very similar to that of a diamond. From start to end your tungsten-Carbide ring goes through about 35 different steps!

- What Is The MOHS SCALE And What Does It Have To Do With These Rings?

The Mohs Scale of mineral hardness is a method of measuring the strength of the ring. The higher the number on the Mohs Scale, the stronger the ring, making it less likely to bend or scratch - whereas a metal such as gold which is a number 3 on the Mohs Scale can bend or scratch more easily. Check the table below for a list of common metals used in jewellery production with their corresponding Mohs scale numbers:

Type Scale
Gold 2.5 – 3
Silver 2.5 – 3
Platinum 4 – 4.5
Titanium 6
Tungsten Carbide 9
Diamond 10


Have any other questions regarding Tungsten-Carbide rings? If so, please let us know! We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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