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Every Stone Tells a Story

Every Stone Tells a Story

Every Stone Tells a Story

For far too long Diamonds have been monopolising the expression of romantic love. At Martin Nagel Manufacturing Jewellers, we believe that the stone chooses the person and there is simply no reason to limit yourself to Diamonds alone – even if it is forever...

Of course, the one undeniable benefit of a Diamond is that it is incredibly durable – a solid 10/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness – which makes it perfectly suited for the everyday wear of an engagement or wedding ring. But that’s certainly not to say that other gemstones aren’t just as valid. We have the simple suggestion of thinking about your day-to-day lifestyle and activities before choosing your forever stone, as this will determine if you’ll be able to wear a soft stone everyday or if you should indeed opt for something harder and sturdier like a Diamond or, in point of fact, a Sapphire.

As there is so much variety in alternative gemstones, and so it’s very important to work with a trusted and reputable jeweller who knows how to spot a quality gem from a lacklustre stone.


First and Foremost: Find Your Perfect Cut

There are many different cuts of gemstones available today and each has its pro's and con's. At the end of the day, it is down to an individual's personal taste:

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Once you have established what your preferred cut of gemstone is, the next step would be to choose the stone itself and after that, the most complimentary metal and design. 

Examples of popular Diamond Alternatives:


The perfect “something blue” for the wedding day, aquamarine is a classic and elegant stone. Its pastel tone makes it the ideal choice for a couple who wants to invest in an heirloom.

Hardness rating: 7.5-8



The stunning emerald is that “something different” that many couples want in an engagement ring, yet it’s still timeless and sophisticated – out there, without raising too many eyebrows.

Hardness rating: 7.5



This soft-hued pink stone has become a very popular choice over the last couple of years. It’s feminine and stylish and as it’s in the same family as an aquamarine, it’s perfect for light everyday wear.

Hardness rating: 7.5-8



For the gorgeous queen who loves the glamorous life! Known as the gemstones of love, rubies come in a range of reds – varying from deep pink to deep burgundy – which makes it easy to pair with lighter stones.

Hardness rating: 9



Deep, dramatic and even a little daring. The sapphire is one of those stones that hold so much mystery and history it’s bound to be the talk of the town - and it takes the phrase “something blue” to a whole new level.

Hardness rating: 9



While it looks remarkably similar to a diamond, moissanite comes at a fraction of the cost. It’s also the second-hardest gemstone, so if you lead a more relaxed lifestyle and are not too concerned with slight damage, this might just be the one for you.

Hardness rating: 9,25



If you're less inclined to follow tradition, why not trade that something blue for something purple? As it’s one of the softer stones on the scale, an amethyst is typically best reserved for the unconventional individual who isn’t too hard on their hands.

Hardness rating: 7


Looking for a stone that really speaks to you? Book a free consultation with Martin Nagel today to learn more about designing and gemstones.

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