A Golden Career

 Martin Nagel hails from Johannesburg in South Africa. Raised in the big bad city, he later took up a goldsmithing residency in a beautiful, remote town in the Northern Province. Having always nurtured a deep respect for nature and the wilderness it was here that he chose to begin forging his name in the trade. Once he received his qualification he returned home and worked in various sectors of the industry where his understanding grew and his skills were finely honed. He also married his high-school sweetheart, Laura, and together they continue to lead the pack as a powerhouse-couple to this day!

Martin’s passion and determination have garnered him some incredible accolades in the world of goldsmithing, such as being part of the award-winning team that created the “Project: Purple Heart” - A 24kt Gold Handbag that was commissioned by world famous designer Kathrine Baumann for Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, for the Oscars back in 1999 that recognized his internationally acclaimed film “Saving Private Ryan”. This one-of-a-kind handbag featured a massive 35 carat Heart-cut Amethyst and a whopping 80 Diamonds! The proceeds for this project went towards commemorating WWII Veterans, something that both President Clinton and President Mandela were strong advocates for at the time. It was most recently auctioned off in December 2019 in Ohio, USA.


Pictured above: Designer, Katherine Baumann & the original 1999 newspaper article


 Later on towards the end of the 90’s, Martin went on to join another stellar team in creating a fully handmade solid gold statue for Harmony Gold Mining Company. This hefty piece was entirely singular in its craftsmanship and execution. Complete with a hardwood case and custom gold leaf catches and hinges, it remains a truly staggering artistic feat in terms of technicality and sheer size. It is also just one of the many impressive and often award-winning handmade pieces that he had a hand in creating. 


Add to all of this, nearly 3 full decades in the trade, a dedicated team of people and you have an idea of the level of expertise and character that Martin Nagel commands.

If you’re looking to have something truly beautiful made right the first time he is, without the shadow of a doubt, your guy! His work speaks for itself does it not?

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